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After years of racing ATV's and then getting behind the camera, I still love to get out to the races. I love being at the track, or in the desert with the people that make the sport of ATV racing what it is. I really miss the competition of racing, and I really don't think I'm done with it. Photography has really become a great hobby for me, I enjoyed it as a business until 2009. I have at this point been published in most of the ATV magazines, and I have accumulated a huge archive of digital images. I started the website at a couple of years ago now, and it got a lot of views. Many people have logged on and ordered photos there. Now, that I no longer conduct my photography business, I've moved most of my images to this SmugMug site. It's really just here for you. My friends that I love to share my photos with and past customers who still need to get ahold of me or need copies of past images. Make yourself at home, and browse through the galleries. They're not all going to be ATV photos. I'll include some from trips, events, and I'm even doing a few movie premier photo shoots this year. Have fun!

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